Mehmet Nesih Özmen, Zakkum Sk Akgün İş Merkezi No:10 D:6/7, 34173 Güngören / İstanbul / Turkey

Our Services

Fashion Designer and Manufacturer

Collection Production

DF production is functional and feminine in style; and designed around fashion themes with sporty and casual looks that maintain an air of elegance and sophistication. Each peace of our diverse collection tells its own story enabling the consumer to dress with a unique look that is dinstictive, individual and vibrant.

The collection enhances the style and comfort of clothing through femininity and versatility of its product, strong research, working, dyeing and washing of th enatural fibres. We particularly make use of cotton, and wiscose, satin, linen, jersey and silk.


Perla Blanca makes regular shipments across Europe and Middle East and in the process of entering the near Eastern markets. We are one of the few companies in the Turkish textile business that designs, produces and also exports to international markets.

Women’s Ready-made Garments Producer

Perla Blanca covers almost all segments of the women’s ready to wear garments. From sports wear to night wear; the company operates at multiple production levels, in order to meet the demans of chain stores and large high street retailers.

Perla Blanca is a brand for women who are avant garde, adventurous, daring, confident and independent, who like to follow the fashion trends in their everyday styles. Each of our collection includes elements of new trends and vivacious colors.